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Pastoral Care

Support for Students. How does it work...

Sathya Sai College has pastoral carers who provide that extra support to individual students who may benefit from:

    • Comfort and support during a time of emotional challenges.
    • Help with building friendships
    • Practice of social skills
    • Understanding our emotions
    • Developing self-esteem
  • Referral to outside agencies.

What is the Program?

Its aim is to assist the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of students, staff and parents of the college. Chaplains help students explore the spiritual dimensions of life and assist them in dealing with personal issues.

The program respects and supports a range of religious beliefs.

The Student Welfare Program is funded by the Australian Government, with the school matching the government grant.

How can we help?

Children in need can receive help either by:

    • Internal referral system, from a teacher with concerns. The teacher seeks approval from the Principal and parent before support is given.
  • A parent /carer asking for assistance for their child by phone call or interview.

Please be assured that all personal matters are kept confidential. The Pastoral Care Coordinator abides by the National School Chaplaincy/ Student Welfare Program Code of Conduct.

Staff and Wider Community

The Pastoral Care Coordinator works closely with teachers and attends staff meetings. She assists in developing excellent policies and the EHV program within the college, to enhance character education. She is also in contact with a Community Network of helping agencies and is able to assess and refer students or parents to appropriate family support services.

What about Parenting?

Raising children is a wonderful job - and a very challenging role. Sometimes parents/carers may need more information, or someone to talk to about these challenges. Parents are most welcome to have a chat with our carers who have provided support for:

  • Children with special needs
  • Families experiencing sadness & grief
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Accepting changes to family life
  • Temper tantrums in the house
  • Welfare and support
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