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How is this a Model School?

Sathya Sai College exists to be a model school for the rest of Australia, and to generate values-based curriculum materials. Having a real operating values-based college enables parents, teachers and the community to see how the Human Values program works.

What is the use of Human Values?

"A society without human values ceases to be human." - Sathya Sai Baba

Across the world from all levels of society, from the Minister of Education to the newspaper journalists, from elderly citizens to young parents, people are talking about the need for our young people to learn values. Why are they talking about this need? Because too often modern education has concentrated on academic achievement, and left out character development.

What is different about this school?

Human values permeates all aspects of college life: lessons, play time, relations between teachers and students, and interaction with the college community.

What sort of results do you get?

A new mother commented: "The children at this school respect one another; if they have a disagreement, they stop and talk about it, and sort it out! At my son's previous school, children would run away and be scared."

Children acquire a language of values, which is displayed in their interpersonal communications with other students and adults. They show higher self-esteem and confidence. Students' academic results are above average. Teachers love their daily work, and parents find that the human values program helps children to be more relaxed and responsive at home.

Is this school really non-denominational?

Yes, because we do not function as a religious school. There are no religious rituals. By focusing on universal values, which are common to all religions, the college promotes unity of faith.

What about student discipline?

The five human values of love, truth, right conduct, peace and non-violence are the principles on which student discipline and welfare policies are formulated. Within these guidelines students are required to abide by the college's rules and expectations and to follow the directions of teachers and other people with authority delegated by the college. Where disciplinary action is required, penalties imposed vary according to the nature of the breach of discipline and a student's prior behaviour. Corporal punishment is not permitted under any circumstances.

All disciplinary action that may result in any sanction against the student, including suspension, exclusion or expulsion, provides processes that are based on procedural fairness.

The full text of the college's discipline policy and associated procedures is provided to members of the college community through the Parent handbook.




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