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Funding Sathya Sai College

Sathya Sai College is partly funded by government grants (both State and Federal) like all approved independent schools in Australia. However, these grants only cover some of the costs. Our beautiful buildings are the result of some government funding and from a range of donors who wanted to support the mission of the school to be a model school in Human Values education for all Australian schools to emulate.

The governing board is often asked how people can support the school, this coming from both parents, carers, their friends and others. Well the first way, and a most important way, is to actively support the college in your thoughts and prayers, and where able in your volunteer physical help in a variety of capacities – please enquire at the collegel office for further information on current needs and opportunities.

The second way is through voluntary donations of money. It is our philosophy that we never ask directly for funds, but only indicate what our needs are. It is our belief that if the needs are made known, those who are able will step forward and provide the resources. Our experience to date strongly supports this view – just look at what the college has achieved. 

If you happen to be one of those who wishes to step forward and provide financial support, no matter how large or small, and either as a one-off donation or a regular periodic donation, we provide forms below to facilitate this action. Donations to the building fund are tax-deductable. Donations to the general account are not tax-deductable, but go directly and completely to the educational needs of the children and help us meet the difference between our operational costs and the government grant. The donations never incur any ‘administration’ charges, but always go in their entirety to meet educational needs.

The form below allows potential donors to select where they want their donation to go (Building fund or day-to-day education costs), how much you wish to donate, and how regularly you wish to donate (one-off or periodic).

We are confident that this information about how we finance the school and its on-going needs will result in the school remaining viable over the long term. Thank you for your support in whatever way you are able to give it.


Download Voluntary Contribution Form



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