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Integrating Human Values

Sathya Sai College is non-denominational and based on universal human values.
A key component of Sathya Sai Education is the assertion that there is one ultimate and universal Truth, which may be expressed in a multitude of ways.
Everyone desires and seeks Peace. Lasting Peace cannot be found in the material world. Peace requires the capacity for introspection and self-awareness.
The human value of Love may be best expressed as an energy permeating all life. That is, it is not an emotion or passionate feeling of desire and attachment.
The Right Conduct of which we speak is rooted in the Sanskrit word, Dharma. Though Dharma has no literal translation in English 
The zenith of all human values is Nonviolence. Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, and Love merge in Nonviolence.

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Testimonials & Feedback

  • On behalf of Rita, my cleaning colleague & myself, I would like to make mention of a recent event that I will never forget. We were presented with cards wishing us “Happy World Teachers Day” by several students which we accepted, a bit bemused! On commenting that we were not teachers but cleaners, their reply was “that does not matter; you are part of the School”. 

    For those students to show such recognition on their own goodwill was truly heart stopping. When I reflect on the past 18 months of cleaning “our school" every student, teacher & staff always greet you with a smile & a 'how are you today'. In all I know from the top link to the bottom link of this school’s team chain, it has loyalty, politeness and a very positive respect for Human values. It is always a great pleasure to say I'm part of Sathya Sai School here in Murwillumbah.

    David Walton

    Tweed Coast Cleaning Service
  • I recently had the pleasure of umpiring the two teams from Sathya Sai school at the Netball Gala Day held in Murwillumbah on 19 November. The children were very well behaved in the games I looked after, and displayed a good attitude and liking for sportsmanship and playing as a team. 

    This didn’t hold them back though as they all seemed to put an immense effort into their games, which only increased the level of enjoyment for all. A couple of the older boys showed some outstanding catching and passing skills. Your participation in the day is to be commended, and Murwillumbah Netball Association sends their appreciation.

    Helen Tunks

    Murwillumbah Netball Association
  • Our local bus drivers have reported to us that the behaviour of the school children on excursions is the best they have seen and they are happy to be available to drive our students at any time.

    Local Bus Driver
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