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Integrating Human Values

Sathya Sai College is non-denominational and based on universal human values.


A key component of Sathya Sai Education is the assertion that there is one ultimate and universal Truth, which may be expressed in a multitude of ways.


The Right Conduct of which we speak is rooted in the Sanskrit word, Dharma. Though Dharma has no literal translation in English 


The human value of Love may be best expressed as an energy permeating all life. That is, it is not an emotion or passionate feeling of desire and attachment.


The zenith of all human values is Nonviolence. Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, and Love merge in Nonviolence.


Everyone desires and seeks Peace. Lasting Peace cannot be found in the material world. Peace requires the capacity for introspection and self-awareness.


Kindergarten and Year 7 enrolment applications for 2022 have now closed.
We are still accepting 2022 applications for Years 1-6, as well as years 8-12.

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Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct & Non Violence 
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